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Session can be held in English or German via phone or Zoom.

Sessions to be paid in advance for client's outside of Switzerland.


We meet for 90 minutes per video call. ​Follow up appointments for 30 or 60 minutes can be booked thereafter.

What’s Included?

  • health history, analysis and preparation

  • current state analysis

  • next steps on your journey

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If you've been struggling with your health for a while, if you get easily stressed out or overwhelmed with new situations, if you keep falling back into the same pattern, then this program will give you enough time and space to embrace change.

Healing chronic illness takes time.

What’s Included:

  • health history, analysis, preparation

  • current state analysis

  • 3, 6 or 12 online coaching sessions on Zoom (60 minutes)

  • next steps towards achieving your goals

  • simple & delicious recipes to get you on your way 

  • result oriented coaching, circle of life

  • emotion & mindset support


Group coaching 

We meet as a group, frequency based on the program. It will be theme focused, so you will also learn from others' experiences. This group will give you a sense of community helping you not feel alone on your healing journey. 

What’s Included:

  • coaching calls 

  • small group setting (max 6 people)

  • theme focused groups (i.e. gut issues, allergies, asthma, fatigue, family healing etc)

  • contact & sharing with like minded people

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369 Liver Cleanse

‘As you cleanse, you will heal on an emotional and spiritual level also’. (Extract from book ‘liver rescue)


What is it?

It’s called the 369 liver cleanse by Medical Medium ™. It includes three levels of cleansing: simplified, original and the advanced version. For beginners to more advanced cleansers.


During the 9 day cleanse you will eat an abundance of fruit and vegetables and remove trouble maker foods like eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, soy, canola oil, salt and fat.

Removing the troublemakers and at the same time feeding the liver what it needs and giving it a break from fats will allow it to strengthen and cleanse on a much deeper level.


What will you need?

You will need a blender and a juicer or a mixer and a nut milk bag.

Also enough time during the 9 days to prepare your meals.

Who is this cleanse for?

It’s for everyone who wants to support their liver and therefore benefit your entire body and being.


What you will learn?

How to navigate through a 369 liver cleanse

How to deal with possible detox side effects

Confidence in yourself & your body

How to support your liver.

The need to cleanse.

How to save preparation time during the cleanse


How could it make me feel?

Most people report feelings of lightness, clearness, more peace, greater focus, improved digestive function and especially an improvement in their healing goals. However side effects during the cleanse are possible.


What will I receive?

3 Live Calls

Motivational video’s

Handout about the cleanse

Journal to take care of emotional needs

Recipe book

Meal Plans

Shopping list

Time saving tipps

Group support & exchange in a safe & guided space

10 days of loving guidance by Dani

Guided meditation


Investment EUR 109

*If you are unsure due to a pre-existing medical condition, please check with your doctor first.

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