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Are you ready to transform your health and life through the earth-given power of food and mindset?


Your body is a miracle. It strives for balance and health and wellbeing in every single moment. Our journey together will be in supporting your body to do its work. 


  • activate your self healing potential
  • increase wellbeing & vitality
  • improved mood
  • improved sleep

  • better stress management
  • trusting yourself and your body
  • becoming your own health expert
  • finding your purpose & passion
  • loving yourself and life

Let's Work Together



Initial 1:1 session and follow up sessions so that the sun can rise for you again





3, 6 or 9 session bundle to establish your foundation in nutrition, mindset and lifestyle for optional health and wellness.  If you have been struggling for a long time, feel easily overwhelmed or just had enough, this is the right option for you to get your shining bright again.

Focused themes in small groups setting to get your glow.

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'Daniela is very competent, takes time and has an excellent sense for coaching. My health has improved already.'

Cornelia N.
'Daniela hat mir durch die Prinzipien des Medical Mediums ein Lebensgefühl verschafft, dass ich das letzte Mal in der Kindheit verspürte.'

Kira R.
'Unterstützt durch deine motivierenden Worte, das Teilen  deines Wissens und die enge Vorbereitung waren unsagbar wertvoll. Ich habe mich immer unterstützt und gehalten gefühlt.'
Katrin B. (369 Leberreinigung)

Meet Daniela

Hi, I'm Daniela!

As a Health and Nutrition Coach I help chronically unwell people find their path towards greater wellness through nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and the information of Medical Medium TM.

If you are looking for a life beyond the absence of physical symptoms, a life where you trust & feel home in your own body again and regain the energy to do the things that truly matter to you. Then I'd love to be on your side to guide you. On this journey we will define the steps that you need to optimise your health and wellness. Let me show you how much fun it is to live and be healthy.

My own path to wellness has brought me to a much deeper understanding and love of our bodies. They are truly amazing and fully deserve our appreciation, love and care.

I especially love helping Moms that are looking for guidance and tools for their families to heal and thrive.

'The journey to health begins on the path of Self Love. Start your journey today.'

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