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Meet Daniela


My vision

My vision for you is an abundant, self empowered and beautiful life, deeply in touch with your own intuition and nature.

I will support you with my knowledge, experience, intuition and empathy on your journey towards health.

My background

I was born and raised in a little village south of Munich in Bavaria in Germany. Since I was little I had two passions: food & travelling. My grandmother used to take me into the German forests to teach me about wild flowers and herbs and how they can help our wellbeing. She taught me the importance of growing your own fruit and vegetables and how to tend to your garden with awareness. When I was 18 I started reading nutritional books, while my friends were interested in partying (so was I, don't worry). Supporting your body with food has been something I've always been drawn to.

My love for travelling fulfilled the longing for different cultures, new tastes and beautiful landscapes.

My career in banking and finance took me to Sydney in Australia in my twenties. I loved life and especially the food! From there I moved to Switzerland and exchanged my beloved ocean for the mountains.

Throughout my life I have been to several nutritional and naturopathic schools around the world to check out their studies. Always thinking something draws me to it, but I've got a well paid job and no space for it in my life.

Followed by years of my own health struggles, my desire to help others grew and so finally in 2019 I took the leap and became a certified health coach. 

My healing journey

After the birth of my second child, I found myself with a host of physical symptoms, which I will list below. I went to doctors, specialists, alternative medicine practitioners. Tried all sorts of different diets, meditated, prayed, tried to ignore it all and lost hope many times. All I wanted was to have my old body back without symptoms, and be the mom I had always wanted to be and had been looking forward to since I was a child, to my baby and my toddler. Eventually my search led me to the work of Anthony William (the Medical Medium™), whose information was `special', but deeply resonated with me. It took a lot of effort to apply the information, but I was able to notice a huge difference. Now, almost 5 years later, I'm deeply grateful to be on this path, not only can I see and feel the changes in my body, but also it has lead me to a path way beyond physical healing.

Main physical symptoms on my journey

  • severe GERD/acid reflux

  • inflamed intestine/IBS

  • nerve pain

  •   tinnitus & vertigo

  • insomnia

  • restlessness

  • panic attacks/adrenal surges

  • increased heart rate/palpitations/heart rhythm issues/SVT attacks

  • allergic asthma/hayfever

  • chronic fatigue

  • weight issues

  • food intolerances

  • acne

  • eye floaters

  • others

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