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Easter Tips

If you've been following for any length of time, you know that I love traditions throughout the year. I just think our traditions need an update.

And the next celebration is coming up: Easter.


Easter involves longer days, spring flowers, the Easter bunny and the eggs. I grew up dyeing, painting and pecking eggs (banging them together and seeing which one breaks first). Unfortunately, eggs feeds viruses and bacteria and I refrain from eating them.


Here are a few ideas on how to make Easter beautiful and traditional even without eggs.


Easter brunch:


Easter warm-up with kids:

  • Bake and decorate Easter egg cookies. These are also great as a gift for grandparent - make an Easter nest that shines brightly.

  • Stick bunny faces and ears on flower pots, fill them with soil and sow cress.

  • Decorate the house for Easter

  • Find some twigs in the forest and watch them blossom at home

  • Make Easter eggs out of salt dough. Kids can decorate and colour them. 

  • Easter garland: cut little bunnies out of pretty paper and stick on little tails made of cotton wool and fasten with a string.


Easter Nest:


A thought about the celebration: it’s worth pausing and asking yourself for a moment, what is Easter really about for me. Maybe you just want to spend time with your loved ones. We often stress ourselves out because we think something has to be a certain way. Children are happy about a nest with a few little things. However, we will all keep Easter in fond memories if we were able to celebrate it in peace and without stress.


All the best and Happy Easter



Ps I’d love to see your Easter nests. Please share them on Instagram :)


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