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Seasonal Allergies Workshop

Seasonal allergies - enjoy spring and free yourself!

Learn the real reasons for seasonal allergies and start your health journey!



Contents of the workshop:​

1. What are allergies from a conventional medical point of view and from a Medical Medium ™ point of view? What are the treatment options here? 


2. What role do food intolerances play?


3. Clarity - what should my focus be?


4. What foods support my body in terms of allergies?


5. How should the morning start? What is good for my body?


6. Which herbs or supplements are strengthening?


7. What role does detoxification play?


8. What else can I do?


9. How do I deal with fatigue and what can I do about it?


10. What can I do in case of SOS?


13. Bonus: EFT Tapping Exercise 'Seasonal Allergies'

"For someone like me, who has suffered from severe pollen allergies since childhood, Dani's webinar was an enrichment. Although I have been following a Medical Medium diet for a long time, it is not easy to get clarity on the subject of allergies from all the information. Dani gave a wonderful explanation of the whole topic and offered a step-by-step plan for beginners and advanced users based on the information from Medical Medium. I also picked up tips on nutrition and supplements that I wasn't aware of before. I can recommend it to anyone who wants clarity on the subject of allergies and a way to heal themselves from them in the long term!"

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful support. Your incredible wealth of knowledge and your empathetic and honest way, the way you value every single person in individual wholeness and create solutions, make you and your work so valuable. I am finally back on the the right path and feel so much better after just a short time. Thank you very, very much!"

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