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Tips for a relaxed holiday

The temperatures are already perfect and the summer holidays are near.

Here are a few tips from me to help you start your holidays relaxed:

  1. Holiday apartment: the best option if you would like to prepare your own food. This is especially helpful if you struggle with symptoms. You also have the option of taking a juicer with you. If you are sensitive to artificial smells like fabric softener, you can also bring your own bed linen or pillows.

  2. Hotel: for many people, a holiday means doing nothing: no cooking, washing up, etc. It is best to call the hotel before you book to find out to what extent your food requirements can be met. A list of the foods you want to avoid is helpful.

  3. Air Travel: take a small bottle of zinc with you on the plane to keep your immune system strong and to keep viruses and bacteria at bay on the plane. You can also take Sovereign Silver with you to spray up your nose or take orally. Pack food for the flight. A small orgonite in your hand luggage or pocket will neutralise radiation.

  4. Provisions: no matter how you travel, take enough provisions with you. Preferably also for the holiday destination. Things like lemons, bananas, a loaf of bread, dried fruit, etc. are also important. This is especially important for children.

  5. Utensils: no matter where or how we travel, we always take the following with us: drinking bottles, a knife for the morning lemon water, a board, a plastic box for sliced fruit for the children and some washing-up liquid to clean the bottles.

  6. Routines: even on holiday we can maintain routines that are good for us. Our intestines and liver, in particular, are fans of these. Routines like drinking 500 ml of lemon water first thing in the morning, eating fat-free until 12 o'clock or at a similar time help a lot.

  7. Emergency bag: pack an emergency bag with your supplements - it's also better to take one bottle too many than too few for emergencies. When travelling by air, these must be included in your checked-in luggage.

  8. Children: especially with children, it is important to keep the emergency bag well packed. This saves annoying waiting times and worries on the spot. Zinc, micro C and Goldenseal should not be missing.

  9. Disinfectant or wipes: are great for disinfecting areas in the hotel or holiday flat.

  10. Irritable stomach and intestines, reflux: make sure you get hot meals. Some chives or onions or aromatic herbs can be added from the buffet. Oregano oil capsules from Gaia help to reduce any bacteria on the food at mealtimes.

  11. Constipation: your routine in the morning helps here. Lemon water, a small stool for the toilet (6-pack of water bottles works great), enough time in the morning.

  12. Food & children: if your children are old enough, it's best to talk about this with your family before the holiday. How do we get food at the buffet? What foods do we want to avoid for the benefit of our bodies? Which foods help our bodies? This avoids discussions and stress at the holiday destination.

  13. The app 'Happy Cow' is great for finding plant-based restaurants or vegan ice-cream in your area.

  14. Sun: remember that sunlight is healing - but not if we burn ourselves. A gentle acclimatisation with a hat and t-shirt is great. On the beach, use a mineral or zinc-based sunscreen.

  15. Mindset: Holidays are about relaxing, sharing wonderful moments with your children and/or partner, and letting your mind wander. So don't stress too much about your diet on holiday - after all, it's usually only 1-2 weeks. Get organised in advance, don't be afraid to ask for exceptions in the restaurant and choose the best option for you.

I wish you and your family a wonderful and relaxing summer holiday.

Lots of love


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